Haydn Wolfie Koeller

​Lead Editor/Producer

Haydn graduated with an associate's degree in audio video production with a focus in editing. He has been making videos for about 9 years now with a couple of his videos being pretty well received with classmates while he was in high school. He currently works as an editor at WLWT News 5, but has also done work for CET, his own projects, and a lot of projects at Average Joe Films.

Jared Pettit


Jared Pettit has a MFA in screenwriting from DePaul University. He studied improv, sketch writing and acting at the framed improv theaters of The Second City and i.O. Theater in Chicago. Along with a top education, Jared has written and produced several shorts and web series. When he's not writing, Jared enjoys spending time with family and acting. 

About Us 

Average Joe Films is an award winning production company based in southwestern Ohio. With a focus on short films and corporate productions we aim to entertain and service the midwest for years to come.

Kristian Quino ​


​Largely self-taught and having worked under the tutelage of award winning ASC members, Kristian has 10 years of experience working on multiple shows throughout the industry including features, TV, music videos and commercials. He is always trying to improve his knowledge and technique within the field of cinematography.

Joseph Cox


An award winning director and writer from Middletown, Ohio.

A graduate of Cincinnati State's Audio/Video Production program, Joseph has done work for Pepsi, Fifth Third, Victoria's Secret, The Cincinnati Bengals and The Cincinnati Reds. As Co-Creator of #AwkwardDates Joseph enjoys constantly creating something new and believes he will make films till the day he dies.